House Checks

House Checks for Vacant Homes

Do you have a vacation home that you leave vacant for extended periods of time? Problems can occur inside and outside of the home during your absence. These can and will vary depending on the season and time of year that the home is left vacant.

Potential Problems that can arise without regular attention:

  • The lawn and landscaping plants can grow out of control
  • Weeds can take over flower beds, sidewalks, driveways, gravel, and lawn
  • Leaves can accumulate and clog gutters
  • Sprinkler systems may need to be set properly, sprinkler heads may have broken, creating flooding
  • Sprinklers will need to be winterized to avoid freezing and breaking
  • Mail, fliers, phone books and newspapers can accumulate, acting as an attraction to potential burglars
  • Snow and ice can accumulate and can cause damage
  • Pipes may freeze or burst due to the thermostat not being properly set
  • Roof leaks may occur and go unnoticed until your return
  • Infestations of insects and rodents may occur
  • Problems may occur as a result of toilets and sinks going unused for periods of time. Specifically, P Traps in the plumbing system can become dry, potentially allowing methane gas from the sewer to seep up through the pipes, entering your home
  • Many home insurance policies have language regarding coverage limits and exclusions for homes that are left vacant beyond 30 days

How Durango Property Management will help

In partnering with Durango Property Management you will gain peace of mind that your home is receiving regular and recurring attention. We employ licensed real estate Brokers who visit your home on a regular basis to inspect for common issues. We will communicate with you and coordinate with your chosen vendors for repairs. We follow up with the vendors to ensure that the work is complete. We are available 24/7 and during holidays through our emergency phone number to assist when an unfortunate emergency does arise.

Examples of Inspection Items that Durango Property Management will perform:


  • Ensure all entrances are secure
  • Visually check for evidence of forced entry, vandalism, theft or damage
  • Check all outside faucets and hoses for leaks
  • Ensure spigots and hoses are put away for the winter to help avoid a pipe freeze / burst
  • Collect and remove newspapers, flyers, packages, mail or other evidence of vacancy
  • Visually inspect the roof and gutters from the ground
  • Visually inspect the yard / landscaping to identify any needed attention
  • Ensure that snow has been removed from the driveway, entryway, decks, and roof as agreed per vendor’s contract


  • Inspect for signs of theft, vandalism, damage or other disturbances
  • Check that all windows and entryways are secure
  • Check that the security system is set and working properly
  • Check that all inside lighting timers are set accordingly
  • Visually inspect for signs of pest or unusual insect activity
  • Visually inspect walls, ceiling, tubs, showers and sinks for evidence of water damage, leakage, mold or mildew
  • Check and adjust the thermostat to correct temperature for the season and to help avoid freezing pipes
  • Check the freezer, refrigerator and disposal to insure they are working
  • Visually check that the hot water heater does not have a leak
  • Replace batteries in smoke detectors as needed (costs of batteries will be charged to client)
  • Check fuse box for tripped breakers or evidence of a power surge
  • Flush all toilets and open and close all faucets
  • Visually inspect the Heater/ Air Conditioner

Additional Services (upon request):

  • Start and run automobile(s)
  • Water plants
  • Add chemicals per owner’s instruction to hot tubs (we do not check water levels or ensure that chemicals are balanced)

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